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Top Quality Guided Mountaineering Trips

Mountain Link specializes in high quality small group mountaineering trips. Our mountain guides are world-class climbers who love to share their passion in the sport with others. They pride themselves on providing a first class mountaineering experience to their customers. Not all mountaineering schools are the same. It has always been our belief that with proper mountaineering instruction we can lead people on safe and successful mountaineering trips any where in the world. Please see our featured trips and call today to reserve your spot for adventure.



Leaders in Guided Mountaineering Trips

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The key to really enjoy the sport of recreation climbing and mountaineering is to learn and train with the best mountain guides in the world. Choose your goals and we will provide the mountaineering course to help you reach them. We can help you with picking the right program to meet those goals that will ensure success. Beginning with our mountaineering seminars you will receive the best instruction from top-notch mountain guides that can lead you on a journey to the top of the world.

Whether you are interested in climbing the highest peak on each of the seven continents; Denali - North America, Aconcagua - South America, Mount Elbrus - Europe, Mount Kilimanjaro - Africa, Mount Vinson - Antarctica, Kosiosko - Australia, Mount Everest - Asia, or mountaineering trips in the U.S. we have the right mountain guides to lead the adventure for you 

 Mountaineering Trip: Mt Kilimanjaro 


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Mt Kilimanjaro is not a technical mountaineering trip
No crampons or ice axes are required for this trek. The entire trip has the luxury of porter support. Trekkers need only carry their basic needs for the day: water, snacks and extra clothing layers. Wearing day-packs and light mountaineering boots, you will enjoy the experience of a life time climbing the highest mountain in Africa. Uhuru Peak, the summit of Mt.Kilimanjaro is accessible to most people who are fit and ready for the physical challenge.

Kilimanjaro Safaris

Kilimajaro Safaris Lions_0001.jpgKilimajaro Safaris hawks_0007.jpgKilimajaro Safaris Elephants_0004.jpg 

Local naturalists lead our safaris in specially equipped game viewing vehicles. Daily events will be tailored to the animal migration to maximize the game viewing. Evenings on these Kilimanjaro safaris will be spent enjoying fine food and drink while watching the sunset. You will experience the wild mysterious sounds of the African night in the comfort of luxury safari lodges.

Mountaineering Courses:

Want to learn the basics? Need to ramp up for your personal summit plan? Join us on any one of our mountaineering seminars coming up... Click here.

Create Your Custom Trip - Private Mountaineering Trips!

If you prefer a custom guided mountaineering trip tailored to fit your climbing goals and schedule, please give us a call. We will do our best to make it happen.

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